Watch Out Love Bombing!

Is your lover caring and sending beautiful words continuously without pause? Is the relationship going on, will your lover’s behavior be more destructive to you? Be vigilant, maybe you have been hit by the target of love-bombing from your partner. So that you are not deceived, let’s discuss together about love bombing.

Definition of Love-Bombing

Love-bombing is a term that was first known in the United States and was popularized by Jim Jones and David Koresh, controversial sect leaders in the 1970s. Sect leaders use love-bombing as a tactic to control their followers. Until finally, the term is widely known and in scientific psychology is interpreted as an expression of manipulative and exploitative affection and is just as damaging to a relationship like going to amsterdam escort girls.

Love bombers or people who do love-bombing “bomb” the target (their partner) through very intense communication either through text messages, telephone, email or flood the couple’s social media with comments or just pressing the likes followed by a variety of other excessive behavior.

Love-Bombing = Narcissistic Stickiness

A narcissist tends to have an ideal picture about a partner, as well as about their personality too. They will feel very scared and ashamed if their partner or other people know about weaknesses and all their hollow feelings. That is why they hide their needs and act as if they are proud or even arrogant. Their inability to criticize themselves gives birth to a projection that is diverted in the form of respecting as well as criticizing their partner.

With a love-bombing cease, a narcissist can more easily control a partner as they wish. However, when they do not succeed in conquering their partner, then they will be depressed and look for others as the next target.If you realize that your partner is doing love-bombing or engaging in various manipulative behaviors, then you have the right to do something to save yourself from abusive situations.

You have to be strict with couples who like to do love-bombing. Tell them if you are not happy with the attitude and all kinds of gifts that are given too much. No need to be afraid to refuse in a subtle way.