Pokemon Breaks Guide

The launch of production 2 brought with it two fresh berries: the Pinap berry and Nanab berry. Both of these have unique effects which should create the catching game far more enjoyable. Pinap berries boost the candies you get upon grabs, while Nanab berries create Pokemon slow and dodge less. These are both helpful effects, but precisely how should coaches take advantage of both of these new consequences? For example, say a Snorlax displays up. Which berry do you utilize? Razz, to grow the grab opportunity? Or Pinap, to grow the candies return? Below are a few ideas, feel free to post yours at the comments!

Pinap berries would be the exciting of both. Pinaps offer you double the candies obtained upon a prosperous grab; however, the effect wears off when the Pokemon breaks out, and you’ve got to use the following Pinap to test again (like using Razz berries). This result is obviously excellent, but does this mean you use a Pinap whenever there is a rare Pokemon? Or in the event you book it for specific conditions? So far as I could tell, a Pinap will be best to work with on a infrequent elite-Pokemon of a very low level; much better if it is evolved, as developed Pokemon award more candies today!

It is tempting to use a Pinap and be covetous to grab a Dragonite with as much candy as you can, but remember that if it works on youpersonally, you receive no candy. A Razz Berry raises the grab chance with a noticeable amount (1.5x capture speed ), so with a Pinap Berry rather than a Razz might be foolhardy.

I conducted a few basic statistics on Gamepress’ catch calculator, attempting to grab a degree 30 Dragonite having an Ultra Ball plus a full-circle”Nice” throw**, with or without a Razz Berry. I also implemented the silver Dragon trophy and Gold Flying decoration, since I feel like those are representative of the normal player. Last, I included a Curve, however a few gamers might not utilize curve balls, and Thus your chances of catching may be Somewhat lower than my calculations :

As you can see, the difference narrows between the two since the level gets reduced. I would personally rather CATCH the high tech Dragonite, since the reason I need candy would be to increase high-level Dragonites. But , the likelihood of catching it are fair no matter, so you would wind up with more candy employing a Pinap Berry against each Dragonite you see in the long term.

Furthermore, in case you’ve got a inventory of Pinap berries stored up, you may use them on any excellent Pokemon you need candies from. However, it would also be worth it to utilize them on Pokemon such as Pidgey, Weedle, and Caterpie, because these are Pokemon it’s possible to evolve for development sprees.