Left-Brain Blogging for Right-Brain Marketers

Scientists tell us that the remaining side of the mind is used for successive thinking, language, evaluation and organised notion. The brain’s ideal side is used for global viewpoints, thinking, creativity and innovation. After working for over four years over the creative industries, another seven years as a mentor and adviser for holistic professionals bloggbonanza , and much more recent work with social entrepreneurs, it’s my observation that each one these people today have a tendency to believe in abstract thoughts — typically connected with right-brain thinking. They’re men and women that are concept-driven. They’ve a vision driven by an emotion, and they operate — often — to deliver that vision down.

The issue with this is that dreams do not necessarily translate well when a right-brained individual is attempting to convey them to other people. Creating their dreams understandable to other people experience the world and can be a challenge. And making our dreams understandable to other people is what advertising is all about. This is only one of those reasons (there are lots of other people ) why visionaries frequently find advertising to be an intimidating job.

Why Blogging is Part of the New Marketing Paradigm

Among the most effective kinds of new paradigm advertising is blogging. Some people may wonder why I consider blogging to be a sort of promotion, so allow me to explain my rationale. I think marketing is’the action of conveying the message that we’ve got something of significance to discuss’. It is not all about’selling’. Blogging isalso, in my view, the way paradigm entrepreneurs’market without advertising’. It’s the best way to express thoughts, share advice, give guidance, establish take part in a dialog with our viewers AND trust.

It is my observation that lots of new bloggers wrongly think blogging is the’anything goes’ activity. This may be OK if your sole aim in blogging would be to utilize it for personal creative expression, but if you would like to use blogging as a marketing tool, you cannot utilize an’anything goes’ approach. Here are the three most frequent mistakes that I see men and women that are right-brained make when they website.