Home Maintenance Advice


A house will detract from fresh and therefore requires routine upkeep and repair.

These notes are meant to assist you inspect and keep your premises on a regular basis ΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΕΙΣ . The listing isn’t meant to be comprehensive, nor to incorporate every construction type. If unsure, seek our information that is additional.



Chimney pots should be kept in good order ensuring they are securely cemented to the peak of the pile. The cement joints must be kept in any cracking and good shape. Metal flashings must be fitted and complete. Aerials are fixed.

Roofs – Pitched

Roof slopes needs to be overhauled and some other slates or tiles which are broken or slid replaced. Hip and ridge tiles must be bedded in mortar. Cement needs to be fixed as essential loose or in case cracked.

Roofs – Apartment

All these have a limited life span. Ensure the chippings (where supplied ) stay evenly laid, borders have to be correctly sealed, and cracked or bubbled regions restored or repaired. Upstands fitted and ought to be sealed to mortar fillets and mortar joints free.

Parapet/Valley Guttering Gutters must run into the downpipe heads at slope and be free of cracks and fractures. Clean out gutters and gutters to eliminate leaves weeds and other debris and make sure that joints are watertight.