COMINT System (Communications Intelligence)

he Radio Remote Receiving Set (AN/ARW-83) is generally Known as the Airborne Relay Facility (ARF). The ARF is made up of equipment set up at a Beechcraft Super King Air aircraft using a designation of RC-12. The ARFs are manned by the pilots throughout a mission. ARF assignment equipment is controlled by operators at the Integrated Processing Facility (IPF). The Guardrail systems now in service comprise the Guardrail V (RU-21H aircraft), the Guardrail Common Sensor Minus (RC-12H aircraft), as well as also the Guardrail Common Sensor (RC-12K/N/P aircraft). Guardrail Common Sensor (GRCS) unites the Improved Guardrail V (IGRV) Communication Intelligence ( COMINT system ) sensor bundle together with all the Advanced Quicklook electronics signs (ELINT) intercept, classification, and also direction-finding capacity, and also a Communication High Accuracy Airborne Location System (CHAALS). GRCS shares technology using all the Sensor, Airborne Reconnaissance Low, along with systems that are aerial.

GRCS includes a collection of special purpose – AN/USD 9B E. The GRCS systems are remotely controlled, aerial intercept, and assignment gear and emitter place systems. They’ve an external near real time reporting capacity which may be worked in six modes (local, isolated, distant, interoperable, instruction, or maintenance/calibration). These programs are delegated to a B firm intelligence battalion as a member of a corps intelligence brigade.

The GRCS System 1, System 2, AN-USD-9E, and AN/USD -9 C, will be the most recent addition to this particular family. They have the additional capability to operate globally through the GRCS Tethered Medium Earth Terminal (TMET) along with the Direct Air into Satellite Relay (DASR) Aircraft (RC-12Q). Other system enhancements are:

The brand new work channels.
Quicker (Micro 5) mainframe computers.
The fiber-optics distributed data interface (FDDI) local area network (LAN).
The GRCS Data Distribution System (DDS), basic unique signals processing.
The GRCS Integrated Processing Facility (IPF) rapid deployment capacity (two trucks minimal vice four).
The whole system (less aircraft) is going to probably be C-130 transportable.
Information is processed and reported to joint customers via TRIXS broadcast chiefly within the Joint Tactical Terminal (JTT) that is a subsystem of the GRCS DDS.

A normal mission requires the aircraft to orbit into the back and parallel to the forward line of own troops (FLOT). The IPF transmits commands to and receives data from the Airborne Relay Facility (ARF) via a secure data connection. The operators at the IPF process the gathered information and report that the intellect to the strategic commanders and other potential joint customers through the JTT relay on board .