Cisco Certification: Do Not Affect Those CCNA Research!

Every once in a while, a rumor floats that Cisco’s preparing to change the model number of the CCNA and CCNP exams, which also implies the questions will probably be altered. Visit here

This prompts a flurry of articles to certificate boards round the’Net (and also my mailbox!) , together with Cisco certification applicants specifically wondering if they ought to hold off in their research until the following examination models come out.

The solution is an unequivocal no. NO. You shouldn’t postpone your research for any reason, but particularly this one.

Let us say Cisco alters the CCNA exams tomorrow. They are not likely to eliminate questions concerning LAN switching. They are not likely to take distance-vector protocols, OSPF, EIGRP, or subnetting queries off the examinations. These are core topics which everybody who operates with Cisco technology must understand. And it goes double for anyone who would like to operate with Cisco technology.

The next explanation is that studies which are postponed for one reason tend to be postponed again for one more reason. “I am too busy, it is summer, etc.,”.

If you are seriously interested in your Cisco certificates, begin studying now. The knowledge that you acquire each single time you research doesn’t become invalid because an examination version varies. It is not the certificate which makes you valuable, it is the understanding supporting the certificate – and you have to begin building that knowledge now.

CCIE requirements

In detail and intricacy understanding can simply earn a CCIE professional, since it does not require the normal pathway to acquire success, the understanding of depth can save somebody from drowning. To pass this certificate degree you will need to earn additional effort as these demands some area knowledge. It’s encouraged to have a couple of decades of working experience before attempting the CCIE exam.