1. Add Load more Button
  2. Tie in new duplicated full image to the Zip function somehow
  3. Fix purchase link on the front end to work proper with ZIP and woo stuff
  4. Add wp gallery feed option into combined feeds shortcode generator.
  5. Create documentation
  6. Mailchimp Email


  1. See why shortcode not showing when logged out
  2. Create a button for the pages and posts that contains a shortcode list and details about each gallery
  3. Fix attaching image from media library to the page
  4. Fix image uploader (not uploading a lot of files at once before pages refreshes.)
  5. Make gallery images sortable
  6. Make a way to create a duplicate full image so it does not get watermarked
  7. Fix up Settings page Options
  8. Make backend popup use the selected image size for popup and use full photo by default
  9. Fix Post output count
  10. Add Watermark Options
  11. Fix buggy grid on first page load
  12. Add Download Button and Buy Now Button to front end
  13. Create Metabox for shortcode
  14. Create Delete Button for images in the backend.
  15. Create shortcode option on the gallery post page.
  16. Create styles etc for front end look
  17. a. Create popup for front end
  18. Create popup for back end
  19. Add WooCommerce Options
  20. Create Products in SlickRemix.com


Edit Goals List note: the function for this is in the scorilo folder in the functions.php file at the very end.