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Sidebar Support WordPress Plugin


Touch the Icons to the Left.

Are you typing things over and over or responding with the same comments all the time on your website or emails?

Are your visitors always asking you for information you have in links already?

Are you spending a lot of time clicking around to look at your wordpress, Github or Bitbucket repositories?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above this plugin might be for you!

This demo showcases our latest plugin called Sidebar Support. It’s a WordPress Plugin that helps solve a few of the problems you might be faced with while doing your day to day tasks on your website. Below are a few key points this plugin addresses.

  1. Respond quickly to support questions that you are always typing the same thing for in your support forum or any place on your website with a text area.
  2. Give yourself or visitors of your site Quick Links to get them to important information quickly.
  3. WordPress, Github or Bitbucket Accounts have created options to display a list of your plugins or projects so you can quickly access them for support and more.


Here’s how a Quick Response works

Click the First Icon on the menu to the left. Now click on a response and watch it paste to the text box below. Additionally you can click the Copy icon to copy the text to your clipboard, then paste it wherever you want. (note: copy to clipboard feature does not work in safari.)


Check out this quick video!


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